More Than a Half Million Philadelphians Will Travel for Thanksgiving


According to AAA, the roads will be packed with Thanksgiving travelers next week. They’re estimating that roughly half million Philadelphia-area residents will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend — that’s the highest number since 2007. AAA is … Continue reading

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West Chester Parking Gets a Makeover

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With just about all parking regulated by street meters, parking garages, or residential permits, parking in West Chester can be pretty tough, and expensive. However, new programs are being implemented to improve the parking department’s rep. Parking App Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Five Tips to Avoid Expensive Auto Repair


Auto repairs are pretty much unavoidable — and we know that better than anyone! However, every repair doesn’t have to break the bank. That is, if you follow some simple tips throughout the year. Initially, this may not sound like … Continue reading

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August: The Best Month for Car Buying


For many years, we’ve heard rumors that it’s smartest to wait until the end of the year to purchase a vehicle. This makes sense, as dealerships are full of next year’s models by this point. However, new data from TrueCar … Continue reading

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Driverless Cars — Blessing or Curse?


Google is transforming a futuristic idea into a real world invention. The innovation giant is collaborating with some big automotive names to develop self driving cars. They will have better GPS, cameras, and be better able to avoid collisions than … Continue reading

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Preventative Maintenance for Summer


This winter was a tough one on your vehicle. With all of snow and rain, your vehicle has been through a lot. First thing you should do is have the underside of your vehicle washed off. All of the salt … Continue reading

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Are you Listening to your Car?


Although we often feel like car problems pop up out of nowhere, the truth is that our vehicles usually warn us before the worst happens. We’re just not paying attention to the signals. Ignoring these signs could cause a $10 … Continue reading

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PA Cracks Down on Aggressive Drivers

pa traffic stop

A new statewide campaign by PennDot plans to put an end to aggressive driving. This is part of the Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project. Through May 4, authorities will be targeting motorists displaying aggressive habits.┬áSome behaviors considered aggressive … Continue reading

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Sliding into Spring

Driving in the rain

Winter snow is (hopefully) coming to an end — just in time for April showers. While rain won’t be as inconveniencing as this winter’s snow storms, it can still create less-than-ideal driving conditions. Here are some wet weather driving tips … Continue reading

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Winter Weather Causes Risky Driving in Chester County


It’s clear that this has been one of the worst winters to hit Chester County in some time — and it’s only February. Storm after storm has caused snow days, power outages, and dangerous driving conditions. Now, the region is … Continue reading

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