Borough of West Chester Launches Mobile App

pothole patchingIf you’ve ever driven past the same pot hole every morning for months, wondering why the township hasn’t bothered to fix it yet, you’ll understand the need for the new Mobile App launched by West Chester Borough.

With “West Chester Connect,” users can report problems such as cracked sidewalks, graffiti, pot holes, and other safety issues with a smart phone. ¬†Using the app, you need only take a picture and add a description of the problem to immediately alert the borough and make it a matter of public record.

This app is part of the Borough’s larger plan to incorporate technology as needed to improve the efficiency of their processes. ¬†This statement was released by the borough: “The Borough of West Chester is committed to utilizing technology whenever possible in order to improve engagement and involvement between the members of our community and our government.”

The app is totally free and is available on all platforms–Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

For more information, check out the West Chester Patch article or West Chester Connect’s website.



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